a manufacturer specializing in paper food containers, and is a nature-friendly company that specializes in manufacturing disposable products such as paper cups and paper containers. We will establish automatic high-tech facilities, supply paper container products of various sizes, and lead the world market with the best quality and customer satisfaction service based on 20 years of paper container production technology.

Business Policies

  • Respect for Human Talent

    People are our most important asset.

    We believe that the future of the company depends on the mindset and capabilities of our employees, and we create a corporate culture of self-development and respect for talent.

  • Globalization

    Advanced technology and active market development

    We want to become a company that aims to be the best in the world in all fields by respecting various cultures and characteristics and practicing win-win.

  • Challenge and Innovation

    Challenge and innovate with creative thinking.

    We do not settle for reality, challenge new possibilities, and always achieve our goals with the passion and creative thinking that “we can do”.

  • Communication and Collaboration

    Cooperation and ties without boundaries

    Through mutual communication and cooperation with other sectors and suppliers, we create a synergy effect by sharing a sense of community.


  • ottogi
    Cup Ramen Container (Common/Microwave)
    • 800cc (Ramen 'Bokki' / Spaghetti Ramen, etc.)
    • 750cc (Scorched Rice, etc.)
    • 500cc (Jin Ramen. etc)
    • 450cc (Scorched Rice, etc.)
  • paldo
    Cup Ramen Container (Common/Microwave)
    • 1000cc (King Cup Seafood flavor / King Cup Kokomen Chicken Flavor, etc.)
    • 800cc (Bibim Men / Bulnak Pan Stirfried Noodle, etc.)
    • 500cc (King Bowl Noodles, etc.)
    • 450cc
  • coffe
    Coffee / Beverage Paper Cup
    • Coffee / Beverage Paper Cup
    • Double Wall Paper Cup (10oz, 13oz)
    • Take Out Paper Cup (8~20oz)